Paul Solbos

Paul envisioned a program dedicated to increasing survival while mitigating risk of injury both physical and mental. He served in the US Army, Federal Bureau of Prisons and currently as a Deputy Sheriff. While serving Paul obtained a degree in Criminal Justice. Paul’s life experiences exposed him to the need for additional training and support for the individual. Once Paul found Jiu Jitsu, he discovered the missing piece. His dedication to the community and the persons he serves alongside coined the C3BJJ concept.

Code 3 is the denotation of lights and sirens utilized while responding to a priority call, often one that has potential for loss of life or serious injury. This exigency paired with providing free or nearly free training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is Paul’s goal. Unlike other programs, C3BJJ seeks to be inclusive of all first responders. Making sure our Law Enforcement, Corrections, Firefighters, Paramedics, Trauma Doctors and Nurses have a place to train. Paul sees a community of persons coming together in the name of mental and physical wellbeing.