Kevin Brady

Kevin’s background ranges from roofer to Army Special Operations. Serving with the Sheriff’s Department for 14 years while simultaneously serving a combined 20 years with the Reserves, National Guard and Active-Duty Army Components. First experiencing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 20 years ago, he has continued his reign as the longest holder of the white belt. He enjoys coaching youth sports, photography, psychology and family time.            

Kevin’s military experiences have taken him around the world, affording opportunities to train by, with and through foreign counterparts. Travelling revealed to Kevin a foundational human need to belong to a tribe. He believes we are just beginning to unravel the misnomer of mental strength through isolation. His goal of connecting first responders through BJJ looks beyond the physical aspect and leans heavily on the psychological benefits. He strives to foster a tribe that ignores job classifications, jurisdictions and titles and builds back a collective mindset of survival and wellbeing for first responders.