The Ultimate First Responder Jiu-Jitsu Showdown



Hyatt Regency 1209 L StreetSacramento, CA 95814, USA


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Battle of the Badges is an electrifying jiu-jitsu tournament that brings together the bravest hearts from various precincts and first responder units. Witness as firefighters, police officers, and EMS personnel lock horns in a test of skill, endurance, and spirit, all vying for the ultimate title of champion in their weight and belt categories.


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Individual Seats: $55

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Battle of the Badge competition serves to underscore the significance of Jiu-Jitsu within law enforcement. Supported by Fight2Win, our primary aim is to enhance awareness and champion the incorporation of Jiu-Jitsu among first responders, addressing the physical and mental health obstacles they encounter. Additionally, F2W and C3 endeavor to elevate the First Responder Jiu-Jitsu Tournament into the foremost exclusive event tailored for first responders.

Up to 30 fights will be hosted jointly by Fight2Win and CodeThree LLC. These matches will be streamed on FLO Grappling, contingent upon meeting specific criteria.

No, fighters will not receive compensation for their matches, and all rights are retained by Fight2Win and CodeThree LLC. However, there is an incentive for the winning academy. The winning academy will receive a gym bonus determined by a points system: 3 points for a submission victory, 1 point for a decision victory, and draws are awarded 0 points.

Fighters will be matched based on several criteria, including Gi or No-Gi preference, rank, time spent in rank, weight, agency affiliation, and representation from different gyms/academies.

We kindly request that fighters actively participate in promoting the sale of tables and tickets for the event. With the backing of their networks, which include family, friends, coworkers, unions, and specialized teams, we are confident in achieving a sold-out event. Each table accommodates 10 persons. This collaborative effort will allow fighters to dedicate their focus to training without the concern of registration fees.

We encourage all attendees to dress appropriately, maintaining the professional ambiance of the occasion. We acknowledge that without the unwavering dedication of our first responders, this exclusive event would not be possible, and for that, we extend our sincere gratitude.

For any inquiries regarding seating arrangements or table reservations, please do not hesitate to contact us at We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

All participants are requested to assist with the promotion of table and ticket sales until May 15, 2024, before we open ticket sales to the general public. With limited seating and the support of our friends and colleagues, we aim to achieve a sold-out event before May 15. Tables are available for presale for families, union sponsorships, etc., on a first-come, first-serve basis. General ticket sales will officially begin on May 15th, and it's important to note that all ticket and table sales are non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Each fight will operate under submission-only rules. Please see F2W’s rules for more details visit F2W Tournaments - Fight 2 Win Promotions | The Biggest Party in Grappling (

The Fight to Win collaboration is structured to increase awareness. The gyms that emerge victorious based on the point system will receive compensation. Additionally, the winning department or office will be granted $1500 to donate to up to three charities of their choice. The remaining proceeds will be donated to the Warriors Always Ready Jiu Jitsu project.