Corinne Mathiopoulos

Corinne has been working with the public since she was thirteen years old when she got her first paying job at the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. Throughout the years, she has had a variety of jobs that have given her an ever-expansive knowledge base that she has been able to apply throughout her adult career. From baking to bookkeeping, she considers herself a jack of all trades and has taught herself quickly what she needed to know to get whatever the job was done. Constantly striving to learn new things, she has an associate degree in business and psychology and soon will have degrees in marketing and advertising.

Corinne had a large Kenpo background growing up, but she always favored Jiu-Jitsu. After having her two sons and completing three gestational surrogacy journeys for other families, she decided to get her family back into the jiujitsu lifestyle and re-enrolled in 2020. She now helps out her dojo however she can and will assist with the children’s jiujitsu classes as needed and eventually hopes to get comfortable with competing in tournaments. She very much looks forward to helping foster Code 3 BJJ to reach its maximum potential and holds its mission statement dear to her heart.